Thursday, March 26, 2009

Starlings in the fireplace

Customer called and said she had a squirrel in her fireplace above the damper. I told her I was actually only about 20 minutes away and would be there shortly. I told the customer on the phone that it was probable starlings on the damper and not a squirrel, but she insisted it was a squirrel. Upon arrivial she showed me the the fireplace, I immediately could tell it was birds. I opened the damper about and inch and a starling poked his head through, I grabbed him, reclosed the damper and put him in a cage. I then opened the damper again and a second one, poked his head through and I was able to grab him and get em in the cage. After opening the damper all the way a dead starling was also discovered, and removed. Customer did not have a proper chiminey cap on which allowed the birds access to the fireplace. We can be contacted at

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